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Picture of Dave Wynn, founder of Omniprove
Dave Wynn is Director of Omniprove Ltd, with 30 years  experience in the IT industry and over 12 years actively involved in  the management, procurement, design, development, test and integration of real  time software systems, primarily in the defence sector. More recently, Dave has  been instrumental in the implementation of successful process improvement  programmes for a number of organisations, leading to the highest levels of  maturity. For over 18 years, he has conducted many hundreds of assessments,  appraisals and audits in all industry sectors throughout the world.

Dave is a registered ISO 9001/TickIT & ISO 20000 Lead  Auditor, a Certified SEI SCAMPI Class A Lead Appraiser for the CMMI-DEV model  and Authorised SCAMPI Class B/C Lead Appraiser for the CMMI-DEV and ACQ  models.

He is also an active member of the Joint TickIT  Industry Steering Committee (JTISC) and is leading the Base Process Library  development Working Group and is the author of the TickITplus Core Scheme  Requirements, Kick Start Guide, lead author of the Base Process Library and  co-author of the BPL Guidance. He has also been nominated as the first  TickITplus Capability Assessor by JTISC.

Dave holds an honours degree in Computational Science, is a  Chartered Engineer, a Chartered IT Professional and a member of the BCS.

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