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January 2016Developed and delivered the Auditing Software Development Course
July 2015Developed and delivered the first TickITplus Capability Course
November 2014Special commendation from the BSI for contribution to the Joint TickIT (JTISC) standard committee.
April 2012Co-author of the TickITplus Process Guidance (ISBN 978-0-580-78381-4)
December 2011
Author of the TickITplus  Core Scheme Requirements (ISBN 978-0-580-76612-1)
July 2011Author of the TickITplus Kick Start Guide (ISBN 978-0-580-74632-1) and lead author of the TickITplus Base Process Library (ISBN 978-0-580-74973-5)
March 2010 onwardsLeader of the JTISC WG3 TickITplus Base Process Library Working Group
December 2009First TickITplus Capability Assessor appointed by JTISC
October 2009
Developed and delivered the first TickITplus Foundation Course
June 2009
Certified SCAMPI Class  A CMMI-DEV Lead Assessor
March 2009
Joint Published Paper: Special Report, SEI, CMU/SEI-2009-SR-005
An Initial  Comparative Analysis of the CMMI Version 1.2 Development Constellation and the  ISO 9000 Family
Dave Wynn, David Kitson, Robert Vickroy, John  Walz
September 2008
October 2009
Authorised CMMI-ACQ Lead Assessor
April 2007
Published Paper: TickIT International 2Q07
A One-stop  Shop? – Part III Obtaining Maximum Advantage From Your Surveillance Audit or  ‘all grass is green but not everything green is grass’
Dave  Wynn
February 2007
March 2009
SEI invited co-author of a SEI Special Report on the relationship between  CMMI and ISO 9001
2006 to date
Invited member of the JTISC WG3
Joint TickIT/Industry  Steering Committee developing the TickIT scheme. Technical contribution, Base  Process Library database development and foundation course development.
January 2006
Published Paper, TickIT International 1Q06
A One-stop  Shop? – Part II Obtaining Maximum Advantage From Your Surveillance  Audit
Dave Wynn
October 2005
Published Paper, TickIT International 4Q05
Surveillance –  a One-stop Shop? Obtaining Maximum Advantage From Your Surveillance  Audit
Dave Wynn
October 2005
Presentation, BAE SYSTEMS SPIRE Conference, Hinkley,  UK
A Practical Look at Combined ISO 9001 & SEI CMMI  Surveillance Visits
Dave Wynn
June 2004
Joint Presentation, European SEPG, London
Surveillance:  an approach to supporting multiple process improvement  initiatives
Dave Wynn (CSC) & Mike Phillips  (SEI)
May 2004
BCS Chartered Member
February 2004
Authorised SCAMPI Class A Lead Appraiser, authorisation number  0300372-01, 3 years
October 2003
Published Paper, TickIT International 4Q03
Simplifying  the SEI SW-CMM Through Common Features
Dave Wynn
October 2003
Chartered Engineer
February 2003
Member of the BCS
January 2001
Register ISO 9001:2000/TickIT Lead auditor
May 2001
Licensed SEI CMM Lead Evaluator, registration number 0100759-E
November 1995
Registered QS9000 Assessor
December 1994
Jointly conducted the first TickIT audit in the Peoples Republic of  China and the second TickIT assessment in South Korea.
July 1994
December 2014
Registered TickIT Lead Auditor
October 1993
Registered Provisional TickIT Auditor
November 1988
Joint Published Paper, ERA Technology Ltd. Seminar  & Exhibition on Military Avionics Architectures for Today and  Tomorrow.
Using Finite State Techniques Through Specification  to Implementation of Embedded Software
D.S.Wynn &  D.J.Sharpe, British Aerospace PLC.
March 1988
Presentation to the Institute of Mechanical Engineers on the  t
echniques required to design and develop Mil-Std-1553B databus  systems.
November 1986
October 1988
Member of the ASSC Avionics Software Engineering Working  group.
Development and review of NATO software standards,  methodologies and tools, including particularly those related to safety critical  software and language safe subsets.

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