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1989 to 1992
Brough Management Development Programme, British Aerospace, Brough & The University of                Hull, Certificate of Management Studies
1977 to 1980
The  University of Hull
Special Degree of Bachelor of Science (Honours)                Class II(II) in Computational Science

Third year
Project, Artificial Intelligence, Systems Analysis, Microprocessors, Compiler Design (2),                Operating Systems, Software Techniques
Second year
Problem Solving, Programming Languages (2), Computer Architectures, Software Techniques (1),                Compiler Design (1),Data Processing, Assembly Languages, Database Management, Real-time Systems
First year
Numerical Analysis, Calculus, Linear Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics, Statistics, Logical                Design, Data Structures, Sorting & Searching Techniques, Programming Languages (1)
1972 - 1977
Kelvin Hall, Bricknell Avenue, Hull
1971Barry Boy's Comprehensive, Barry
1970Greenville, North Carolina
PS15, Yonkers, New York
1965 - 1969Crofton Junior School, Petts Wood

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