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Q1Why does PRMate report that it cannot find Acquisition and Contract Management when importing from BPL V1.1.3?
AThe Scope Profile table uses "Acquisition and Contract Management" whereas the process table uses "Acquisition and Contracts Management" (Contracts is plural). Please edit your BPL MS Word file and remove the 's' from the word 'Contracts' in process name for ARG.1 in Table 1 (Scope Profile to process mapping) on page 9 and save as a new BPL version, say V1.1.3a.
You may need to delete the imported BPL and repeat the process by selecting your edited version of the BPL. To do this please go to the Control tab and select "Delete BPL Version", select the BPL version just loaded (probably the only one) and then say OK. Then load the corrected version as saved above, say V1.1.3a.

Q2I have MS Access 2010 installed, but the PRMate reports an error when I try to run it, what do I need to do?
APlease make sure that you have MS Office Service Pack 2 installed (office version number greater than or equal to 14.0.7015.1000). You can download MS Access SP2 from here.
Q3I've installed PRMate and the MS Access runtime libraries and service packs, but I get an error when I try to run PRMate.

You may have to reboot your PC following the installation of the MS runtime libraries.

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