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PRMate Future Features ....

The following table lists proposed future enhancements to PRMate. If you would like to suggest further improvements or features please use the comment form below.
FeatureDescription Added
Import and export PRM process
This will allow you to export a PRM process or processes to an Excel file for someone to complete locally and then import back into the master PRM database. This is more flexible and can operate locally without using a network shared location for the PRM database
Managed backup  restore
This will provide the ability to restore a backup  automatically from within PRMate rather than manually from within the operating  system.

Selectable comparison between different BPL  versions
This will provide a visual indication of everything that has changed between  versions of the BPL.

Cloning defined processes
Providing a quick method to copy and then edit a defined process for another  use.

Cloning PRMs
Providing a quick method to copy and then edit a complete PRM in situations  where you want to start work on another PRM.

Multiple actions per base practice
At present only one action is possible per base practice and although this  will typically be sufficient adding additional actions aimed at different groups  could be useful.

Email notifications of actions and action  deadlines
Providing additional management of actions.

Action reports
Actions can be reported in the PRM prints but future versions will provide  the ability to list actions.

Additional output formatsCreate organisational specific PRMs using MS Word templates.
Additional output formats
Providing additional reporting options, HTML and MS Word, and the ability to create a PRM that  can be loaded on to an Intranet.

Full WYSIWYG (HTML) editing
Providing additional editing facilities with in-text hyperlinks and other HTML features

Statistics and measures
Providing data on the PRM including completion levels and action closure etc.

Assessment Strategy generation
Facility to create and maintain assessment strategies.

Full assessment coverage
Providing all the tools needed to undertake a TickITplus compatible process  assessment, including creation of the PAM and using multiple team members

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