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December 2011

Dave Wynn (Omniprove) authors several key TickITplus scheme documents
Dave Wynn (Omniprove) has been actively involved in the TickITplus scheme throughout 2011, and he is the author of the Core Scheme Requirements, Kick Start Guide and is the lead author of the first Base Process Library release.

On the 1st July 2011, the first version of the Base Process Library was released along with the supporting introductory Kick Start Guide. The second version of the Base process Library has now been released which includes ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 20000-1:2001.

The Base Process Library provides the complete set of all the processes needed to address modern IT activities and certification to three of the most commonly adopted international standards; ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 20000-1 and ISO/IEC 27000.

The second (free issue for existing holders of the BPL) release was issued during 2012 and addressed additional Scope Profiles and certification against ISO/IEC 20000-1. The final version (free issue for existing holders of the BPL) is currently being edited and is due for release in the second quarter of 2013. This version will complete all the processes and scope profiles and will provide certification to ISO 27001.

The BPL is now also available in MS Word format on a CD which can be used directly to create an organisation's Process Reference Model. The licensing of this version allows organisations to cut and paste the Base Process Library contents into appropriate format for implementing the organisations Process Preference Model, for example in MS Excel or an Access database. The Base Process Library can be printed and used by anyone within the organisation legal entity.

The Kick Start Guide offers potential users a very good introduction to the TickITplus scheme and covers:
  • An overview
  • A general introduction and scheme concepts,
  • Identifying the certification scope and preparing resources
  • Developing the Process Reference Model
  • Preparing for, participating in and following up an assessment

This guide provides organisations with sufficient insight into the activities necessary to support management decisions and to start using the TickITplus scheme.

The Core Scheme Requirements, which was released at the beginning of December, provides the complete set of TickITplus scheme requirements. This document is essential to those organisations that are intending to conduct assessment in accordance with the TickITplus scheme requirements, or wish to fully understand the activities that will be undertaken during an assessment. The CSR covers the Base Process Library (BPL), the Process Reference Model (PRM) and the Process Assessment Model (PAM). In addition, it details the requirements for both internal assessments and third party certification assessments along with illustrative examples of calculating the Assessment Coverage Index (ACI) and identifying the Implemented Process Sample (IPS).

The Base Process Library - Guidance document provides detailed coverage, interpretation, guidance and help in implementing a management system using the TickITplus Base Process Library processes. This document provides extensive background information on the processes defined in the Base Process Library and should be an essential read for organisations implementing a process improvement programme based on the TickITplus scheme.

The current version supports version V1.1.1 of the Base Process Library. The next version will be issued shortly.
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