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December 2013

Dave Wynn (Omniprove) authors updates to key TickITplus scheme documents

TickITplus committee work has progressed over the last year to update the Base Process Library and the Core Scheme Requirements. The latest versions of these two key TickITplus documents have now been published. 

Picture of the Base Process Library front cover with a link to purchase it from BSIOn the 19th December 2013, the third version (V1.1.3) of the Base Process Library was released. This version now completes the planned 3 releases and includes 3 new processes, 2 new Scope Profiles and 1 new standard.

This version includes the Domain Engineering (ITS.1),  Quantitative Performance Management (MAT.1) and the Quantitative Process Improvement (MAT.2) processes. This completes the 40 processes and allows the inclusion of the remaining two Scope Profiles, Information Management and Security and IT Systems Engineering and Infrastructure. The final planned standard, ISO/IEC 27001 has also been mapped into the Base Process Library to complete the inclusion of the three planned initial standards. The committee made a decision to include both the 2005 and 2013 versions of ISO/IEC 27001 in order to support all uses of the standard.

The BPL is now also available in MS Word format on a CD which can be used directly to create an organisation's Process Reference Model. You can obtain a copy here.

Picture of the Core Scheme Requirements front cover with a link to purchase it from BSIThe latest version (V1.1.2) of the Core Scheme Requirements was also released at the same time as the Base Process Library and include a number of clarifications, enhancements and improvements that have been identified since its original release back in 2011.

This document is essential to those organisations that are intending to conduct assessment in accordance with the TickITplus scheme requirements, or wish to fully understand the activities that will be undertaken during an assessment
These two versions are free updates for existing holders of the BPL and CSR, and to purchase any of these documents just click on the documents

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