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August 2015

Dave Wynn (Omniprove) runs the first TickITplus pilot capability course

Dave Wynn has delivered the first pilot TickITplus Capability training course to TickITplus Assessors from LRQA, BSI and DNV, and TickITplus Practitioners from a number of organisations keen on piloting the TickITplus capability levels.

On the 23rd and 24th July, at the CSC offices in London, 11 delegates participated in TickITplus capability training which is a prerequisite for organisations wishing to move up to the Bronze and Silver levels in TickITplus.

The training course has been developed by Omniprove following the success of the Foundation level training and is now being updated to incorporate the feedback provided by the delegates. A second pilot course is being planned for late November 2015.

Unlike the TickITplus Foundation course which concentrated on understanding the basic TickITplus scheme concepts, the TickITplus Capability course concentrates on gaining benefits from improving organisational processes at the higher levels. Over 50% of the course duration involves practical exercises that allow the delegates to both consolidate their Foundation level training and develop a good practical understanding of the requirements for the Bronze and Silver levels in TickITplus.

The schedule for the course is:
  • Module 1: Introductions
  • Module 2: TickITplus Scheme Recap
  • Module 3: Capability Concepts
  • Module 4: High Maturity Overview
  • Module 5: Bronze Capability level
  • Module 6: Silver Capability Level
  • Module 7: Capability Implementation and Assessment
  • Module 8: Summary and Review
  • Examination

Please visit CPIS, our training partner, for more information, here.

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