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Latest Version v1r4b20
Download the trial version of PRMate
The trial version is fully functional and allows you 15 uses before requiring an unlock code.
Please download and install PRMate before purchasing a license.

PRMate is a tool to create and manage organisations' Process Reference Models (PRMs) as part of a process improvement programme based on the TickITplus scheme. PRMate provides:

  • Loading of a licensed Base Process Library.
  • Creation of multiple organisational PRMs.
  • Selection of the PRM scope covering scope profile(s), standard(s), type-C processes, capability levels and optional outcomes and process attributes.
  • Creation and management of defined processes.
  • Creation and management of work products.
  • Action management.
  • PRM printing, with or without associated actions.

Our products are distributed under "try-before-you-buy" principle. This means that you can download the program for free, try it, and make sure the program works for you before you make a purchasing decision. We encourage you to try it out first!

Press here to see the presentation in full or here to download a PDF version.
Alternatively, visit our list of all on-line demonstrations here.
PRMate needs to be downloaded and installed in order to obtain a system installation code which is used to obtain a specific unlock code after purchasing PRMate.

The unlock code is unique to each PC that PRMate is installed on and is valid for 1 year. The license includes the PRMate program, maintenance, support, enhancements and new features. The license also includes remote TickITplus support and assistance in using PRMate as part of a TickITplus improvement programme. You can purchase an annual license for PRMate from our shop.

Please download and install PRMate before purchasing a license as you will need your system Installation Serial Number (ISN).

PRMate is based on Microsoft Access 2010 and should run on any Windows PC capable of running MS Office 2010. However, PRMate does not need Microsoft Access 2010 to be installed as it will download and install the free Microsoft Access 2010 runtime library and associated service packs.

Please note that PRMate does not include a copy of the TickITplus Base Process Library due to licensing cost reasons. Instead it allows the user to import the Base Process Library from a licensed Microsoft Word copy of the BPL. Microsoft Word (2003 or later) does need to be installed on the PC where PRMate will be used to import the BPL.

PRMate is designed for individual use although it is possible to locate the PRM database on a network drive and access it from multiple copies of PRMate, or alternatively to install PRMate on a virtual machine allowing multiple access when needed.

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