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v1r4b18PT-138BUGPRMate would report an error when trying to export to an Excel 2013 file. Fixed.
PT-139NEWThe action list can now be printed.
v1r4b16 9/9/15PT-27NEWNew feature to use a MS Word PRM template to create user defined MS Word or HTML PRM files.
v1r4b5 11/2/15PT-134BUGWhen entering text into the base practice field, if you used {xxx} even if it wasn't a work product reference, it would treat it as one and prevent deletion. This has been corrected.
v1r4b4 10/2/15PT-125BUGWhen you added a new Defined Process it would not show on the PRM tab until you moved to a new base practice. This has been fixed.
PT-131BUGThe date field on the first page of the PRM print did not display correctly. This has been fixed.
PT-132BUGIn some cases adding a work product via the base practice field didn't always work. This has been fixed.
PT-133BUGDeleting a work product that was used in a base practice field did not get resolved in accordance with the settings on the control page. This has been fixed.
v1r4b2 10/1/15PT-22NEWExport and import feature added. It is now possible to export PRM information to an MS Excel file and to import PRM information from an MS Excel file. This feature is only available with registered versions of PRMate
PT-111IMPMoved actions on PRM prints to a better position and expanded the BP, IWP and OWP space
PT-116BUGStart-up would error if the previously selected PRM file was no longer available. This has now been fixed and an option is provided to select another PRM file
PT-117NEWIt is now possible to add revision information to a particular PR version. This information includes revision identification, date, author, approver and description. This information will be shown on the first page of the RM print This feature is only available with registered versions of PRMate
PT-118BUGThere wasn't enough space to show the process type on the PRM prints. This has been corretced.
PT-119IMPSome features have been disabled if no PRM is selected.
PT-120IMPAt the moment the organisational outcome data is mapped just once to the process when in practice outcome data belongs to a defined process. PRM prints now accommodate correctly multiple Defined Processes.
PT-121IMPIt is now possible to select which actions are printed on the PRM print by selecting the corresponding action status to print.
PT-122BUGThere was a bug when delete action status entries. This has been fixed.
v1r3b30 3/10/14PT-95NEWWhen the work product window is showing it now tells you how many times the work product is used as an IWP, OWP or in the base practice field. By clicking on these counts or by clicking the general view button, a list of work product uses will be displayed. This list can be filtered and if the practice reference is double-clicked the PRM tab will be taken to the associated practice where the work product is used. The work product uses form can be set to close on practice selection or remain open while you edit the practice information. This feature is only available with registered versions of PRMate.
PT-99BUGThe space for the PRM version was too small. This has been corrected.
PT-100NEWThere is now a Quick Jump feature which allows you to jump to any in-scope practice from one form. There is a button on the top of the PRM tab called "Quick Jump" which will bring up a form with all the in-scope practices. This can also be opened by control-Q. The entries are colour coded to show how much of the organisational PRM practice has been completed for each base practice or if there is an associated action. This feature is only available with registered versions of PRMate.
PT-102BUGThere were some errors in the generic practices that have been corrected
PT-103NEWIt is now possible to save the PRM file to other locations and hence the ability to make copies, different versions or backups. There is a new menu item called "Save PRM as". This feature is only available with registered versions of PRMate.
PT-104NEWThere is now an option to check for software updates either at the start of the program or ant any time after. There is an option on the control tab to switch check son or off and there is another item in the Help drop down menu item to manually check for updates.
PT-105NEWPRMate will now take a backup of the PRM file at the program start. Additionally it can be set to take snap-shot backups at predefined periods while in use. This feature is only available with registered versions of PRMate.
PT-107NEWThere is now an option to create version of the PRM file on program close. The PRM filename is annotated with (DddmmyyhhmmssVx) where D follows with the day, month, year, hours, minutes, seconds and the V follows with a sequential version number). This feature is only available with registered versions of PRMate.
PT-108BUGWhen actions were not required on the PRM printout the action title remained visible. This has now been corrected and will only show if the Display Actions on PRM prints is selected.
PT-109IMPThe PRM prints now include Organisational outcome information.
v1r2b3 7/9/14PT-50NEWWork products can now be included in the base practice text. By pressing the control-A key the work product list will be displayed and a work product can be selected. Also, by surrounding text in { } and pressing control-A key, the text will be added as a work product. Any subsequent changes to the work product will be reflected wherever it is used.
PT-58BUGCutePDF was selected as the default printer. The system default printer is now selected.
PT-84BUGIf there were multiple PRM version, printing would include all defined processes from all PRM versions. This has been corrected.
PT-86IMPPreviously actions were shown in PRM prints by default, now they are not.
PT-87IMPSome performance improvements
PT-92IMPPRM database updated to handle better scope selection process and version is now shown on the about screen. Current PRM database is now version 3. Old PRM databases will be brought up to version 3.
PT-94NEWNew action management feature through Manage Actions on the Control Tab.
PT-98BUGWhen there are multiple PRM version, the last edited PRM version should have been selected on program launch, this was not happening. This has been fixed.
v1r1b36 24/8/14PT-62NEWDouble clicking on a selected work product now positions the WP selector to that work product
PT-61BUGFix problem with entering new work products in the WP selector. When a new work WP was entered using the search dropdown it did not get correctly shown or selected. This has been fixed and improved see PT-64
PT-64IMPNow when a new WP is entered, the WP line is selected and pressing tab repeatedly will move through the WP edit name and description and then return to the WP search dropdown where it can be edited for a new WP. Pressing tab in the WP dropdown will select the WP check button and allow the Tab key to move to the WP edit boxes as for a new WP.
PT-53BUGThe space for the Defined Process name on the PRM report was too small. This has been increased to allow approximately 132 characters (nice old fashioned line printer width)
PT-51IMPEmphasised in the delete Defined Process check message that if you delete the defined process then all associated user practices, work product mappings and outcomes will be deleted.
PT-63IMPWhen we move from one process to another reset the outcome and the practice to the first one and when we move the outcome reset the practice to the first. This doesn’t happen if we are using the shift up or down arrows in the user edit boxes to moved through the whole list of practices, including changing outcomes and processes.
PT-70BUGIf we tried to delete an action why in the middle of editing it then it would error. This has been fixed.
PT-71IMPSet default values for new actions and set focus to the action field. The default date is the current date and the default status is the status with the value 1. If there isn't a status with a value 1 then no default is used.
PT-23IMPAdded feature to check for software updates optionally during start-up or through menu option under Help.
PT-50NEWAdded the ability to include referenced work products in the 'Org Practice' section. If control-A is pressed the work product window will be displayed and a work product can be selected. This work product will then be added into the 'Org Practice' section surrounded by { } brackets. If this work product is subsequently changed, it will be changed in all references. If the work product is deleted, the work product reference will be deleted, left just as text or highlighted in red.
PT-83NEWAdded the ability to automatically add work products directly into the work product store from the 'Org Practice' section. If a work product reference is manually created, i.e. a work product surrounded by the { } brackets and the control-A key is pressed while the cursor is either over the work product reference or to the right of the closing } bracket, the work product will be added to the work product store.
PT-84BUGWhen printing a PRM Defined Processes from other PRM versions would be included. This has been fixed.
PT-86IMPReversed the selection logic of printing actions
PT-58IMPDefault printer now selected
v1r0b2 Apr 14New - Initial Release

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