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Organisations are continually looking to develop and improve their processes to achieve more effective and efficient operational practices. However, customers are equally demanding that suppliers deliver more results with less cost and through tighter controls. To cost effectively demonstrate ongoing achievement of these goals, organisations seek formal third party audits, assessments or appraisals of their internal processes.

Whether the assessments cover the overall business, or are targeted at specific activities such as service management, information security, business continuity or engineering, compliance to international standards and models is often sought. These typically include ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 20000-1, ISO 27000, ISO 25999 and the CMMI constellations. These reference documents have been designed to cover a wide variety of organisations in different market sectors and therefore the approach, structure and terminology can often be difficult to relate to individual businesses.


Our approach is to fully understand the requirements, timescales and current practices to achieve a successful assessment while ensuring that the implemented system satisfies the holistic needs of the business. We undertake this through aligning the expectations of the standards and models to the business needs and objectives, and proving actions, guidance and direction using organisational language and terminology.

We can conduct assessment and audits in-line with current certification practices through our practicing IRCA registered lead auditor and TickITplus Capability Assessor, although note, formal certification can only be achieved through registered bodies such as LRQA. We can provide recognised SCAMPI CMMI for Development appraisals with our Certified SCAMPI CMMI-DEV Class A Lead Appraiser.

Typical Activities

Some of the typical activities include:
  • Discussions with top management and management leading the certification or assessment programme to understand the business goals, assessment requirements and implementation timescales.
  • Conducting a full baseline audit of current processes and practices to establish any gaps against the selected standards and models.
  • Developing an organisational specific gap analysis report identifying any actions necessary and providing measurable indicators for monitoring progress.
  • Monitoring and assessing progress against the actions using the defined measurable indicators.
  • Support, training, coaching, work product developments and ongoing targeted audits as required.
  • Pre-certification assessment dress rehearsals and focus group sessions to provide staff confidence and reassurance.
  • Preparation of certification assessment presentation material and support during the assessment as required.
  • Analysis and interpretation of certification improvement findings in terms of organisational language and terminology.

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