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The TickITplus Scheme ....

Dave Wynn, the director of Omniprove, has been an active member of ITA (formerly JTISC), the International TickITplus Association since 2008. He is the author of the Core Scheme Requirments, the Kick Start Guide, co-author of the Base Process Library Guidance and has been leading the Base Process Library development team. He has also presented at numerous TickITplus conferences and seminars.

In 2009, Omniprove developed and delivered the first TickITplus Foundation training course to TickIT auditors from the main certification bodies LRQA, BSI and DNV.
Picture of the delegates attending the first pilot TickITplus Capability Course at the CSC offices in London
Delegates on the first pilot TickITplus Capability course at the CSC offices in the London
In July 2015 Omniprove delivered the pilot TickITplus Capability Course to Assessors from LRQA, BSI and DVI, along with Practitioners from a number of organisations interested in piloting the capability levels. A second pilot course was held in late November resulting in a total of 17 delegates passing the course and becoming eligible for registration at the capability level. The first public course is being offered on the 9th and 10th February near London. Please visit CPIS, our training partner, for more information, here.
We can provide consultancy and support, internal assessments and client specific training in the adoption, use and preparation for certification using TickITplus.

Dave has been awarded the first TickITplus Capability Assessor by the Joint TickIT Industry Steering Committee and is registered with the Global Association for Software Quality (GASQ).

Picture of Dave Wynn's GASQ registration with link to his GASQ site entry.

Please join our TickITplus forum to gather answers, share thoughts and discuss all aspects of the TickITplus scheme. Alternatively, please take a look at our series of TickITplus Implementation Notes which provide details and further information on specific aspects of the TickITplus Scheme.

The delivery of public and in-company TickITplus Foundation level training for Assessors and Pracitioners is now available though Corner Process Improvement Solutions (CPIS) and LRQA. Please contact us for any further information.

The following TickITplus scheme documentation is now available for purchase from BSI:
Core Scheme Requirements
Base Process Library
V1.2.0 (PDF)
Base Process Library
V1.2.0 (MS Word)
Base Process Library
V1.2.0 changes from V1.1.3
Picture of TickITplus Core Scheme Requirements Work in Progress yellow triangle sign
Picture of Base Process Library V1.2.0 front page
Picture of TickITplus Base Process Library V1.2.0 Changes from V1.1.3 front cover art
Legacy TickITplus documents
Core Scheme Requirements V1.1.2
Base Process Library
V1.1.3 (PDF)
Base Process Library
V1.1.3 (MS Word)
Base Process Library V1.1.3 changes from V1.1.2
Picture of TickITplus Core Scheme Requirement front page
Picture of TickITplus Base Process Library front page

Picture of TickITplus Base Process Library V1.1.3 list of changes front page art
Kick Start Guide
Base Process Library Process Guidance V1.1.0

Picture of TickITplus Kick Start Guide front page
Picture of TickITplus Base Process Library Guidance front page

For further information please take a look at the following:

Further information can be found on the TickITplus website

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