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Omniprove has partnered with Integral Management Systems Ltd (IMSL) to provide first class training services covering a number of specialised topics including TickITplus and Software Auditing. For more information on booking places on these courses, or for arranging in-house courses, please visit IMSL's training page or directly through Omniprove here.

Omniprove also works with LRQA to deliver training, please visit LRQA's training page for a great range of excellent management system training course.


Omniprove developed and has been delivering TickITplus Foundation training to many hundreds of delegates since the beginning of 2012 and has now co-developed the new TickITplus Capability training course. Pilot courses have been run and a number of delegates have successfully passed the associated examinations enabling them to become either registered TickITplus Capability Assessors or Practitioners.

In association with IMSL, Omniprove can provide both TickITplus Foundation and Capability training accredited by Global Association for Software Quality (GASQ). Additionally, we have developed a  one day TickITplus Workshop to provide a good in-sight into the benefits, principles and implementation approach to using TickITplus to improve your software and systems development processes.

For further information on booking places on either of these courses or for arranging in-house courses please visit IMS TickITplus training and for further information on the TickITplus courses visit here.

Auditing Software Development

Software development is invariably part of organisational activities, either through acquiring software product, developing software within products or managing software to support the business. For big software focused organisations the internal auditing resource is specifically aimed at the software engineering activities. However, in large organisations for which software is not the primary product, the internal auditing resource often finds it more difficult to perform effective audits of the software development activities. This is not because of lack of auditing skills and competencies, but often down to the specific terminologies, techniques and approaches used by the software teams.

There are hundreds of standards covering software engineering or related activities and thousands of terms used every day by software engineers. What's worse is that these are forever changing. Agile, V-Model, requirements traceability, software metric, burn-down, velocity, Waterfall, check-in/check-out, branches, trunks, peer reviews, white-box and black box testing etc. are all commonly used, but what do they all mean and how do you go about auditing such a variety of approaches and engineers if you are unfamiliar with this language.

Omniprove and IMS (our training partner) have developed a one day training course to provide qualified and experienced auditors with a good overview of the software engineering world in order for them to develop their skills and competencies to audit software development activities.

For further information on booking places on either of these courses or for arranging in-house courses please visit IMS TickITplus training and for further information on the one day Auditing Software Development course visit here.

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